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Judith Mazzucco is an interdisciplinary artist working in mixed media, film, photography and words.   

Her praxis has evolved from the investigation of her life in close proximity with animals and the interspecies relationships resulting therein. A lifestyle that has virtually vanished over the last 250 years. 

Her research examines the marginalizing effect domestication has had on the nonhumans by humans and the subsequent marginalization of creativity felt by all species when each's  freedoms are impinged.

Her processes chronicle and map the interspecies relationships within her farm community. The vehicle for all her processes is the feedbag, from which food is dispensed. Food is the lowest common denominator of domestication.

Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Canada, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Berlin & Tehran, Iran. She has an MFA in New Media from Transart Institute, Donau University, Krems, Austria.

Her life is one with a community of sentient beings.

© Judy Mazzucco 2018