ISAZ 2012, Cambridge University, UK 

The Aisle Map as an interactive art installation at the International Society of Anthrozoology conference at Cambridge University, UK

Preparation for artist talk

Judy with conference organizers, Adrienne Thomas and Dr. Anthony Podberscek

International Society of Anthrozoology

 Presentations: Wednesday 11 July, 2012


Judith Mazzucco

Independent Scholar

My praxis evolved from the investigation of my life in close proximity to animals and the interspecies relationships therein. My processes focus in the area of overlap, the social, physical and the psychological interactions; a duality of the human/animal relationship that has virtually disappeared over the past two centuries.

The Aisle of the Barn is the center of our universe, our Aleph. It is also my studio. It is the confluence of domestication, interspecies relationships and creativity.

The processes emanated from the phenomenon of domestication. The feedbag, from where the feed is dispensed, being the smallest common denominator of domestication, sufficed as the basis of all my processes. Using the feedbags, shredded, pulped, woven with baling twine, imbued with hay, hair, hoof, and dirt.

The inspiration for my Aisle of the Barn Map was Jorge Luis Borges’ fictional cartographers in On Exactitudes in Science who drew maps to scale. The Aisle Map is drawn to scale, measuring 12’ 􏰀 40’, the length and width of the aisle of the barn. It exposes and delivers the patterns and interconnections of the barn community. The key to the protagonists and their patterns is in the Compass Rose. While the cats and guineas travel at will, the horses are always attached to me with a halter and lead, and the dog is represented with a “morphogenic field”. My intention for the map is to be viewed from “with-on,” putting the viewer in a definite situation and place, on the Aisle of the Barn, my Aleph. 

© Judy Mazzucco 2018