Victims of Circumstance & Prisoners

Victims of Circumstance _Mixed Media_2015

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            The processs, Victims of Circumstance and Prisoners, juxtapose Wabi-Sabi and the un-gorgeous with digital technology. Two and three-dimensional mixed media processes become interactive experiences through a QR code containing a video. Domestication to certain species of non-human animals has created monsters. The human has put his wants and desires over the non-human animal, caging and confining them, causing the animal to develop punishable habits. Because of the problems created by man, the animals are kept behind bars, stifling socialization, creativity and producing a mind numbing existence. Boredom is the breeding ground of negativity. Frankensteins retaliate in subliminal ways.

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Prisoners_Mixed Media_2015

Watch  the video to the right imbeded in the QR Code above attached to each process.

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