Luc’s Tale

Luc’s Tale is a play on words. It maps a moment in time reflecting LucJean’s place in the 60 million years of the evolution of the horse and the 5000 years of its domestication. This is a mapping of Luc’s travel on the aisle of my barn. It plots the everyday comings and goings on the aisle, the routine, day in and day out. It connotes the passage of his time and movement on the aisle, going into a stall, going for water, waiting for hay, and standing patiently on crossties waiting to be groomed and tacked up. The map was painted with Luc’s tail on a paper feed bag, the essence of domestication. The map freezes these movements in the evolutionary timeline.


Curated by Caitlin Albright

Watchung Arts Center

Lower Gallery

Sunday, January 4– Saturday, January 31, 2015

 Artists: Haris Ahmad, Caitlin Albright, Marc D'Agusto, Judy Mazzucco, Joel Tidey

Horse Racing on the North Sea

One day each summer the North Sea’s tide withdraws to expose it’s seabed in the North of Germany. On this certain day, hour, and low tide, horses come to race. All types of horses, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds, trotters and pacers, mini horses and two in hand carriages. The horses are fast and the time is fleeting. From the sandy beach spectators view the horses racing across the seabed with a backdrop of cargo ships approaching the Port of Hamburg. As the sun lowers in the sky, the racecourse vanishes under the incoming tide.

© Judy Mazzucco 2018